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Construction project in progress
Construction project in progress


There are many options for managing your project.

Our goal is to help you choose the best management structure for your needs. We will provide you with information on the options available to you, so that you can make a well-informed decision, and we will work within the framework of your choice in order to deliver a successful build.

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Wooden building framework of an in-progress construction job
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Pre-Construction & Design

The Pre-Construction Phase is one of the most important stages in building.

Each project/client is unique, requiring a specific level of involvement that matches their needs. Bertram Construction offers very customizable services such as; Feasibility Studies, Design Procurement, Estimating & Iterative Budgeting, Value Engineering & Constructability Studies.

Pre-Construction Services is most often times utilized by our most adept clients. They understand the value in evaluating sites or buildings, getting timely & reliable budget pricing or input on construction options. Whether we’re engaged as early as pre site selection, or as late as after design is complete and another general contractor has been signed on. Client’s find our knowledge and resources in the industry help them make better, more informed decisions.

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Increased Cost Savings

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Expedited Schedule

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Minimized Risk

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Easier Project Financing

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Building construction foundation and framework in progress
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General Contracting

This is the traditional construction structure.

This is the traditional construction structure. Under this model, the design team is chosen first to complete the working drawings and specifications. Based on the drawings, General Contractors will then provide a Stipulated Sum or Fixed Sum quote to cover the total cost of Construction, including overhead, general conditions, materials, equipment, as well as the cost of labour.

This process results in the Contractor submitting a tender price. This amount is a lump sum that will include all aspects of construction from site preparation to the final landscaping details (as per the design scope of work), excluding the fees charged by the design team and other consultants. Generally speaking, the lowest bidder will get the job. If all tenders are over budget, the entire procedure must be repeated. Once the general contractor has been chosen, the sub-trades will start to be awarded and the project can start.

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Firm knowledge of project end value

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Low risk for owner

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Easy project financing

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This management structure offers one-stop shopping for the entire construction project.

This delivery model offers a single point of contact for the entire construction project. With the Design-Build option, the Contractor takes over responsibility of the Design team, and will submit a lump sum contract price to provide Construction Drawings, Permits, and to Construct the project based upon a set of agreed-upon criteria.

The Owner, Contractor and Consultants work as a team to create a quality building at the most affordable price. Material selection and design concepts are constantly evaluated for cost effectiveness, and savings are passed along to the client.

Since some tenders can be invited based on the preliminary plans, construction can begin almost immediately – even before the design is finalized. This approach also allows for materials with long delivery times to be ordered very early in the process.

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Fast-track construction schedule

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Design fees reduced

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Easy project financing

Building foundation and framework completed
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Construction Management

Construction Management allows the owner to take a significant hands-on role in the project.

Construction Management allows the owner to take a significant role in the project. In this model, the owner pays a management fee to the Construction Manager to act as their representative.  The fee excludes all labour, subcontractor and consultant fees, as well as material costs, which are passed on to the owner on an at-cost basis from the Construction Manager.  Decisions on which subtrades are hired are made collaboratively, in an effort to get the best total value for the project and not just the lowest possible price.

Flexibility is key to this type of building strategy, and there are many configurations that can be applied.

Because the costs of the sub-trades and suppliers are being passed through to the owner, there is “open book” accounting, which means the owner knows the costs of every aspect of the job. This allows the owner to benefit from any savings garnered along the way and to have direct input on striking the proper balance between quality and costs to suit their own specific needs.

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Cost savings directed to the owner

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Fast-track construction schedule

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Open-book approach

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Input from contractor while project is in design





As a third generation, family-run company, Bertram Construction prides itself on adding a personal touch to every project. We are also committed to the local economy. Whenever possible, we use local trades and suppliers who offer competitive pricing and scheduling.

Building long-term relationships based on respect and trust.

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