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Addition – 21,558 sq/ft

Full Building – 109,361 sq/ft



Bertram Construction has done 6 different builds/expansions over the duration of 15 years for Prodomax Automation Ltd. Every part of the building had to be strategically designed and customizable. Prodomax specializes in the design, manufacture, and construction of automated manufacturing solutions that include a variety of assembly, welding, machining, and more, all of which require unique structural needs.

“It was evident from the beginning of the project that you and your staff were dedicated to completing this project on time.”


Sab Ravalli, President and Gary Giannetti, New Facility Project Manager

Prodomax specializes in the design, manufacture, and construction of automated manufacturing solutions that include a variety of assembly, welding, machining, material handling, laser cutting/welding applications and processes.


This particular project had several phases. Over the years, Bertram Construction has done many interior renovations for Prodomax as well. David Crook and Sab Ravalli were the two owners at the time and contacted Bertram with the intent of buying a property to add industrial space to do industrial automation and make it expandable for future project needs.


The space was initially 80 feet of frontage and extended 200 feet toward the back of the lot. Normally, buildings have the ridge line going along the 200 foot direction, however this project was built backwards keeping future expansion efforts in mind, which are the addition of two 60 foot bays. Every year or two Bertram was called when the next build was to begin. They had to be customizable with the building, especially the flooring so that the conveyors were able to take on different types of assembly lines.


By the time the project was complete, the building was around 300 feet long by 200 feet deep. Prodomax’s engineering is so rich that their front end engineers knew exactly what was needed for the following years of production. This made establishing the next phases more efficient between the Prodomax engineers and The Bertram Team. The present space is booked a year ahead of time so as their business expanded, they knew a year ahead how many assembly lines they will need and how to build in bays. The only thing modified each time was the bay width as an addition.


After all of the expansion work was complete, Bertram revamped Prodomax’s shop space and their high tech engineering offices to carry forward the modern facelift the rest of the structure received.


The last time Prodomax approached Bertram Construction was after they sold the entire structure and rented back a portion of it from the new owners. Prodomax soon outgrew that space so Bertram looked at raising the roof and changing the existing building. Bertram found a way to expand the space into environmentally protected areas by reinforcing the roof. The Bertram team had to carefully plan on how to control water flow. This was the key concept in order to receive the approval to build on the protected area. They got approval by doing extensive pre-planning and coordinating with the Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority.

Prodomax - Bertram Construction
Prodomax - Bertram Construction
Prodomax - Bertram Construction